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Halcyon Waves - Live Debut in Cologne,
May 08 2024, MTC Club



Halcyon Waves is an instrumental post-rock band from Cologne, Germany.

Aiming to transcend genre-typical dynamics, the three piece outfit allows driving guitars, droning bass sounds and thunderous drums to sit right beside simmering melodies and electronica-inspired beats.

The band tries to create intriguing soundscapes by drawing on the occasional unusual song structure and odd time signature while still retaining emotional immediacy.

The music ebbs and flows between different sonic states without losing its focus, inviting audiences to use it as an individual canvas of auditory and visual imagery.

The band was established 2022 and comprises members of Wrestling Vertigo.

Halcyon Waves are:

• Tobi (Drums/Samples)

• Martin (Guitars)

• Dong (Guitar, Bass synth)


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